Emergency Dental Repair


Emergency Dental Repair

It amazes me sometimes the things we can buy. I never would have imagined I could buy a product to fill in my tooth if I lose a filling. Emergency Dental Kit kits are now very common.


Emergency Dental Kit
List Price: $16.99
Price: $16.99
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Temparin is one of many dental repair kits on the market today. It is also the only one that I have used personally but I imagine they all work pretty much the same.


When you open the small jar, inside is a small lump of the repair material. It looks like grayish white putty. You are provided with a small plastic wand to scrape some off. Then roll that into a small ball and press into your tooth.

I will warn you, it is very messy when you first apply it. My lost filling is in a tooth at the very back of my mouth. I had white stuff all over my tongue and fingers. The instructions say to use the wand but I felt it was easier to just use my hand. I may try the wand next time.

Fortunately it did not have a bitter taste, it didn’t really have any kind of taste. So I was not bothered by my tongue having it all over on that side. It didn’t take very long to set, approximately 15 minutes. You are supposed to wait 3 hours before eating after application.

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I applied it before bed so I wouldn’t be tempted.