MegaBloks First Builders

MegaBloks First Builders

My grandchildren are ages two and three. Anytime I want to keep their attention so I can get something done, I pull out the megabloks first builders. They love building, mostly vertically right now, and then knocking the blocks down. The bag is very durable and they even have fun putting the blocks back in the bag!

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They help children to recognize the primary colors, building different objects, spacial concepts, creativity and counting to name a few uses. These are also an excellent  help  to children with learning hand & eye coordination as they are playing.

The blocks are also big enough you don’t have to worry about a choking hazard. The size also is good because it is easier for a younger child to grasp and maintain a good grip on them.

We only bought one bag but are planning to order another. Anyone with more than one child knows the problems of sharing. We have to make sure there are plenty for both of them to build.



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