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Single moms are often in the low income category. I put together a list of legal aid services by state to make available for you. Many states offer free services based on income.

Due to receiving federal funds, most if not all of the sites listed cannot:

  • Handle criminal cases.
  • Accept fee-generating cases that private attorneys will accept on a contingency fee basis.
  • Class actions, rulemaking, lobbying, litigation on behalf of inmates or represent certain instances of illegal aliens.

Know The Difference

Differences Between Federal, State, and Local Laws

State laws would include cases such as:

  • criminal
  • divorce and/or family
  • public assistance, medicaid or any type of welfare
  • inheritances, wills or estates
  • business contracts
  • workers comp from work related injuries
  • real estate or other personal property
  • personal injuries such as received from auto accidents or malpractice

Local laws include cases regarding things such as zoning, housing (rent) or safety.

Differences Between Criminal Court and Civil Court

Civil court is usually a case where one person sues another for compensation. If you lose in civil court, you most likely will have to pay the other party. This does NOT send anyone to jail when their case is lost.

A civil case might be about money, debt, personal property, housing (rent or eviction), injury (auto accident or malpractice), and family (divorce, child custody, guardianship or child support).

If you know of a better resource in your state, please leave a comment below and I will update this page.


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