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Grandma in any language

As you may have noticed, my blog is called Haddie’s Corner. Well, there’s a little story behind that. There usually is, isn’t there?

When you have your first grand child, you start to think about what you want to be called. You may even get your way, if you’re lucky.

My mother has always been Nana, so that was taken. I was 38 when my grand daughter was born and I refused to be called grandma, granny, grandmother…basically anything that had gran in it!

After talking to a cousin of mine, we thought Mimi would be cool for a young grandma such as myself. When Nyla started to talk, my daughter and I would try to get her to say Mimi to me and of course mama or mommy to my daughter.

It worked sometimes but I think Mimi was just too close to mama. One day, out of nowhere, she just started calling me Haddie. We don’t know where it came from. We kept trying to get her to say Mimi but she refused.

I have been Haddie ever since. I can live with that, after all there is no gran in Haddie!

So, I call my blog Haddie’s Corner because this is where I want to share our fun stories and lessons we’ve learned. The great thing about life experience is there is always a lesson to be gained.


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