Kids Getting on Your Nerves?

Kids Getting on Your Nerves?

Kids Getting on Your Nerves?

We have all had that moment. You’re trying to get things done – washing dishes, cooking dinner, house cleaning, writing your blog (me – lol). The kids (grandkids in my case), just won’t leave you alone. You’ve put in their favorite movie or pulled out their favorite toy but they just have to be right in your face.

The best thing to do in this case is to not let it go too far. Don’t allow yourself to get to that point where you just blow up and say or do something you’re going to feel really bad about.

Kids Getting on Your Nerves? problem solved

I’m having that problem today. I have been sitting here doing some research and trying to decide what to write about. The grandkids (and the cats I might add) have been all over the place. Cornell won’t stop taking Nyla’s toys and of course she has to scream bloody murder each time.


They are both running up and down the hallway, flipping light switches and banging on doors with their toys. They’re climbing on the furniture and trying to play in the cats’ water dish. They’re pulling the cats by the tail. (We must have good cats because nobody has gotten a scratch.)

mommy doesn't have a favorite

I could just feel the stress building up inside. I put my laptop aside and gave them the attention they needed.

Kids react to you. They can tell when your are stressed or mad or sad. They don’t know how to verbalize these feelings so they get in our face and annoy us to check on us. They are trying to see if we are okay. Let them know you are okay. Take a break from what you’re doing.

mom screaming

One thing I try not to do is raise my voice. Think about it. Next time you catch yourself yelling at anyone, do you feel the stress level rising? It only escalates the situation. Practice talking sternly instead of yelling. I promise you’ll feel better and your blood pressure will thank you.

Mom stress relievers:

  • take deep breaths (don’t laugh)
  • go for walks
  • be organized
  • stay connected with friends (call at nap/bedtime)
  • get plenty of sleep
  • start and end the day with quiet time for you (I call mine coffee time)

Take care of yourself and learn to relax. This is the one job in your life you can’t just quit – you’re the parent (grandparent).


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