In Remembrance


never forget September 11th heroes

In Remembrance

Thirteen years ago today, America sustained a tragic blow.

“At its core, the 9/11 Memorial’s purpose is to honor the people who are no longer with us because a group of Islamist terrorists took them from us far too soon. The memorial also offers a tremendous opportunity to bring people together in much the same way that we saw the world come together immediately following the attacks. For those who may never have a chance to visit in person, we hope this book offers a way of honoring the victims. The act of remembering is a measure of tribute in and of itself.

The 9/11 Memorial Museum will be another way to ensure that these men, women, and children are remembered for generations to come. Opening one year after the memorial, the museum will include an exhibition in tribute to the 2,982 lives lost—full of photographs, recordings, and loving notes. Emanating from that core, the museum will be a dynamic, 21st-century institution, the authoritative source for an evolving understanding of 9/11 with a focus on the future.

The staff of the 9/11 Memorial feel a deep responsibility, having come to know, in some way, those killed, through thousands of stories told so vividly and graciously by their loved ones. May the water, light, bronze, soil, and stone of the memorial help to heal the scar in our city’s and nation’s heart.” – exerpt from A Place of Remembrance which is available for purchase at


In Remembrance

We are all thankful for the heroes on that day. The men and woman who did everything to help those in need with no regard for their personal safety. We will always remember this day. We will always come together in moments of tragedy. We are stronger as a people.